About me


I'm Vicki. I live in Leicestershire

with my lovely boyfriend Pete and our two troublesome cats Jasper and Ampersand.

I feel so lucky to call this my job. As an old romantic, being able to photograph those little glances and loving moments on the most special day of your lives couldn't be a more perfect job for me! I love making a connection with the couples that I work with. Getting to know you and what makes you tick. I spend my days at weddings looking for those moments between people; the tears, the hysterical laughter, the close embraces. That's what I live for. Capturing those fleeting moments and freezing them in time for you to relive every day when you look back at your photos. Telling your story.

So who am I? What else is there to know about me? Well, I love to travel. Exploring new countries and cultures makes me all kinds of happy. My favourite place in the world so far has been Mexico. Tacos, margaritas and turquoise sea, whats not to like?

You'll often find me listening to classic rock music, and if you happen to play any at your wedding I might just have a dance with you.

Whenever I get the chance I like to go hiking and climbing, and if hiking is your jam I will happily go for a wander with you to capture some magical images.


Want to know more?

Drop me a message and lets go for a cuppa.

All images are copyright of Vicki Clayson Photography